------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Most of us love drawing, we love to see what kind of stuff is upon the other's mind. Some can't be expressed through word they say, but drawing does most of the job for them.
I used to be an art student during my life in Secondary School. However, eversince I graduated from that place, I am starting to miss drawing a lot more than usual.
I really do not have the time to actually draw due to the bombardment of projects and assignments that are issued to me on a weekly basis until...I was given the opportunity to start a website where I can share my creative brain juices! As of now, I am currently studying computer stuff in Singapore and starting this webpage is part of my school project.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I started this webpage as a part of my school assignment . Additionally, I made this webpage to also inspire and encourage individuals to express their inner creativity without feeling insecure about themselves.
I came out with this idea because I want to see what the people in our world and society can offer in terms of ideas and creativity.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- To view others work, you can visit the Gallery section of the page by clicking on the "Gallery" navigation on top.
There, you can post your own masterpiece and comment on work done by others, but to do that you need to create a free account by clicking on the "Login/Register" navigation. There will be steps to guide you.